Coming up on the All-American Alarm Clock Show:

Week of Oct. 27th

Monday: Kick-off the week on-line! Brad and Liv will chat with Peter Kay, online-editor of Sports Illustrator For Kids' websites! And these days, SIFK is getting pretty spooky!

Tuesday: Okay, we already know Men are from Mars, Women are from what planet are you from? Brad and Liv will welcome author Dr. John Gray to the show to talk about his new book on parents and kids. Maybe we'll finally find out why parents often seem to be living on another planet!

Wednesday: It's National Consumers Week! Brad and Liv will get the low-down on how to get what you want from Wilber Winkle, author of Wilber Winkle Has a Complaint! Consumer Advocate or Nut With Too Much Time On His Hands.

Thursday: World-reknowned author and illustrator Jan Brett will talk about her brand new book, The Hat. And maybe she'll share a few secrets to her success!

Friday: Listen if you dare! You're in for a real scare! Brad and Liv freak out for Halloween with a special mystery guest you won't want to miss!